For a perfect anatomic property and an ideal support, choose one of the innovative lines of independent springs by Imperial Strom. They will offer you unique relaxation and a sense of wellness every day, always in combination with our qualitative products.
  • Double row pocket

    Double row pocket (2)

    Double row with independent pocket springs offers a strong background of excellent support for the spinal cord, whereas it provides all body-types with exceptional anatomic effect.
  • Micropocket springs

    Micropocket springs (3)

    Pocket springs of small diameter guarantee an ideal embrace. With 7 different hardness zones in the same mattress, they offer a “smart” support which is applied to body parts with different. A sense of revitalization for a sleep of aspirations. 500 pocket springs/ sq. m.
  • Multiple pocket rows

    Multiple pocket rows (2)

    A combination of numerous pocket springs in variable sizes and heights or a double row of pocket springs. They constitute a forceful background of excellent support for the spinal cord as well as lavish, fluffy embrace on its surface. Discover this combination which will perfectly suit your own body.
  • Pocket Springs

    Pocket Springs (13)

    Timeless value for comfort and relaxation. Sleep anatomy is now a reality and accessible to everyone.
  • Super Micropocket

    Super Micropocket (2)

    The height of technology is introduced by pocket springs. With a tiny diameter, they embrace even the smallest body parts by offering exceptional support of the whole body. In addition, with 7 different hardness zones, they apply to any body part and thus they pledge to be more comfortable. Transcendent anatomic features, one of a kind relaxation feeling and total luxuriation are being promised! 1000 pocket springs/ sq. m.