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INFINITY Innovative technology
The most retrofit, automatised construction method for the first time in Greece by Imperial Strom. ΙΝFINITY® INFINITY PERIMETRICAL MATTRESS SUPPORT RAISES ITS..
Zip it!
Sleeping secrets up to you! At Imperial Strom, we do not hide anything. We use the best materials and cutting-edge technologies and..
Complete Natural Air System
 Complete Natural Air System and Physsiomassage The most suitable combination for a comfortable sleep, which is ideal for your body; it..
Aromatherapy by imperial Strom
Inspired by nature, the team of Imperial Strom presents you the new pillows line "aromatherapy", which is specially designed to..
40 years Imperial Strom
Far from urban centres and against hard times and financial crisis, Imperial Strom keeps changing our lives with the same..
Special techniques–innovations
Our technological advantage contributes significantly to this high qualitative level and to the innovative design which characterises all our products...


Products made in Greece 100% with natural materials

In a world where your quality of life and your restful sleep are ours. Learn about the modern technologies we apply to Imperial Strom products and learn how to improve your sleep quality through complete sleep suggestions combining innovative materials , high technology and tradition.

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Enjoy a restful sleep every night, but most of all boost your energy for the next morning! All mattresses by Imperial Strom have been designed and produced to offer you convenience and relaxation, which are nevertheless necessary at the end of the day. But not only this! They are orthopedic and...

Professional Furnishings Equipment

At Imperial Strom®, we already have 45 years of experience and expertise in the field and we continue. A large number of hotel units all over Greece trust us, including renowned chains, boutique hotels and villas. The excellent quality of sleep and the unique hospitality experience offered by Imperial Strom products are the key components of our success over the years.

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