Enjoy a restful sleep every night, but most of all boost your energy for the next morning! All mattresses by Imperial Strom have been designed and produced to offer you convenience and relaxation, which are nevertheless necessary at the end of the day. But not only this! They are orthopedic and anatomic in order to hold efficiently the spinal cord and apply to body’s curvature. They are being created with high qualitative and certified imported products and meet up every individual need. Get to know their exceptional features and find the one that will embrace both your body and your space in a unique way.
  • Futons

    Futons (1)

    Meet the advanced metal-free mattresses with rich layers of materials for a bigger elasticity, a correct support and a wonderful embrace.
  • Latex & Memory mattresses

    Latex & Memory mattresses (1)

    Mattresses with unique elasticity which are constructed in different hardness grades and heights. They offer a great body support with a soft embrace on the surface and reinforced core. They are hypo-allergic whereas they permit the correct body circulation.
  • Spring bonnell

    Spring bonnell (10)

    For the ones that prefer the classic style˙ the traditional steel springs have great endurance since they offer a restful sleep and full support of the spinal cord, always in combination with qualitative products by Imperial Strom. The all-time great value in your sleeping!
  • Straddling mattresses

    Straddling mattresses (1)

    A further innovation by Imperial Strom! Mattresses in combination with soft and harder pocket springs in a special arrangement for bigger anatomy benefits.
  • With indepedent springs

    With indepedent springs (22)

    For a perfect anatomic property and an ideal support, choose one of the innovative lines of independent springs by Imperial Strom. They will offer you unique relaxation and a sense of wellness every day, always in combination with our qualitative products.