An innovative material with 3D structure allows air recycling. It does not capture temperature during sleeping and thus provide you with a cool, comfortable and hygienic sleep. Try it out on your mattress either on its interior, either as a perimetrical ventilation, either like a case for your mattress or your pillow. Thus, enjoy an ideal sleeping environment.


Aloe Vera plant is globally known since ancient times for its sedative features and its healing process. For this reason, aloe vera is used extensively in pharmaceutical products. Mattresses from aloe vera are extremely resilient and regulate the air circulation in the mattress by providing you with coolness and sense of rejuvenation. Enjoy the important benefits of aloe vera and improve your sleeping quality.

Camel wool

Camel wool with its soft texture has the ability of regulating the temperature fluctuation, so that it can offer ideal sleeping conditions. Select it for your mattress and enjoy the luxury as well as the rejuvenating sense which is being offered.


Cashmere is worldwide famous for its exceptional quality and its velvety texture. It comes from goat fair and therefore cashmere is the softest, lightest and warmest natural material on its category. Cashmere pledges to offer unique decadence and softness every night!

Coconut fibres

Coconut fibres also known as coirs derive from the husk of coconut nut and have insulating effect. Coirs are extensively widespread for their flexibility and resiliency as well as for their potential of natural ventilation of the mattress.


Cotton is a noble natural material, which is popular for its softness, its endurance and its cool sensation during sleeping. Its absorbency as well as its ability of breathing contribute to regulation of temperature and humidity by creating a hygienic and pleasant sleeping environment. Cotton is antiallergic, exempted from fungi, acari and other microorganisms. Its properties enable the cotton to be a necessary material for Imperial Strom mattresses.

Cotton fabric

Luxury fabric with cotton composition. Cotton fabrics by Imperial Strom are extremely resilient and offer a sense of coolness and comfort during sleeping. They are available in different patterns and colours as well as they are used in the whole range of our products.

Elastar fabric

Flexible fabric which offers a seductive embrace and a sense of luxuriation in your mattress ˙a caress during your sleep. Discover a rich collection of flexible fabrics from Imperial Strom with impressive patterns and colours, as well as others with beneficial properties for our health. Their flexibility and their smooth texture will earn your preferences.

Eurolatex & Latex Standard

Latex Qualities with multiple holes for air recycling. Eurolatex has thick holes of small diameter, which is a result of innovative technology. This technology makes it extremely resilient and qualitive.


Horsehair is used in fresh mattresses thanks to its high resiliency and flexibility. In order to be sterilized, a special processing has been followed. At the same time, it creates a clean and comfortable sleeping environment, since it regulates the humidity and breaths.

Latex Natural

100 % natural material which comes from the milky juice of the rubber tree. It has porous texture, it breaths, it is extensively flexible and applies perfectly to the body curvature, thus offering comfort and relaxation. With Physiomassage technology by Imperial Strom, it acquires a waving surface, which allows air recycling in the mattress core, so that neither temperature nor accumulation of CO2 can be developed.

Latex Temperature Regulatory System

Innovation for a warm winter and a cool summer! Innovative Latex creates a comfortable sleeping environment. It absorbs the body heat when it is warm whereas it diffuses it when the temperature becomes lower. The result is directly obvious with colour changing.


It is about a natural fibre which comes from the flax, one of the most ancient fibre plants. Thanks to the fibre’s nature, linen is famous for its great endurance, while it is resistant to fungi and microorganisms. Linen is a light material which breaths. It is quite cool because it has the ability to absorb and free humidity. It is also known for its high quality.

Memory Foam

Innovative material used firstly in NASA studies. Today, it is for the mattress construction one of the most widespread materials thanks to its special compound. It absorbs the throbs, it has a typical slow reinstatement as well as unique embrace, which offers ideal body support.


Seaweeds, which are placed in the mattresses of fresh line, contain beneficial properties, such as iodine, minerals and antioxidants. They are recommended against allergies and respiratory problems.


The unique properties of wool enable it as one of the most popular and resilient material of mattress construction. It is about a natural material which is being processes, so that its fat can be removed and all fungi and microbiums can be avoided. Wool by its own has the ability of distributing the air equally in the mattress while is used extensively since it is insulating, temperature regulatory and heat conductible. Therefore, all the above can offer you a comfortable sleep, which is cool in summer and warm in winter. At the same time, thanks to its soft texture and its flexibility, it endows you with a velvety embrace of your body. This excellent quality constitutes an important merit for a hygienic sleeping environment. In the new mattress line known as fresh by Imperial Strom, the sheep wool is complemented by mattresses with camel fur and cashmere.

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