Enjoy a restful sleep every night, but most of all boost your energy for the next morning! All mattresses by Imperial Strom have been designed and produced to offer you convenience and relaxation, which are nevertheless necessary at the end of the day. But not only this! They are orthopaedic and anatomic in order to hold efficiently the spinal cord and apply to body’s curvature. They are being created with high qualitative and certified imported products and meet up every individual need. Get to know their exceptional features and find the...


Choosing the right pillow is equally important to choosing the right mattress. Imperial Strom pillows are produced in different sizes and hardness zones in order to be implemented perfectly by each one separately. Devote time for visiting our store in order to find the ideal pillow for you. Sleep consultants in our store will advise you for selecting the best one. Discover a rich pillow collection which will cover all your needs and ensure a revitalising sleep every night!

Mattress pads

Mattress pads contribute to the mattresses’ protection by raising its lifetime. They are constructed with hypo-allergic materials which are also skin friendly, as well as with cotton fabrics for a secure and qualitative sleep. Pads are produced for the purpose of protecting the mattress from developing acari and other microorganisms and thus avoiding the existence of odours and allergies. Select the product that will service you the most and will cover your child’s needs by offering a hygienic and comfortable sleep! Mattress pads raise the...


Dream bedroom can now become a reality! Imperial Strom produces for you elegant, qualitative beds in every colour, fabric and size of your preference! Either with intense eroticism, traditional patterns, elegant modernism or being extensively luxurious…each and every one constitutes an ideal option. Select the suitable design for you and thus your bedroom will be transformed!


Sheets, pillowcases, protective covers, blankets, winter quilts, quilts (optionally embroidered with your logo).


Large collection of curtains in a variety of fabrics and colors.

Bathroom and Spa items

Bath towels, facial, swimming pool, bath mats, bathrobes (optionally embroidered with your logo)

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