Choosing the right pillow is just as important as the mattress.

Imperial Strom cushions come in various dimensions and degrees of hardness to fit perfectly to each one individually. Take time at the store to find the perfect one for you. Sleep consultants in our stores will advise you how to choose the best.
Discover a rich collection of pillows that will meet your every need and will provide you with rejuvenating sleep every night!


The new bed collection by Imperial Strom offers extraordinary chances and unique sleeping experiences. The high aesthetic which characterises all our beds, distinguishes from their modern styling and elegant lines. Our beds combine the “aesthetic” with the “functional”, since they follow innovative technological methods, which are capable of offering the perfect sleep. Do not forget that behind every detail, the know-how as well as the experience of 40 years are hidden, which guarantee you the most relaxing moments. Select between a...


The new line of ZIPit mattresses comes to confute everything you knew until now about them while providing you with safety during your choice of your dream mattress. With the new ZIPit technology, forget the traditional, removable protectors and select the mattress with the smart perimetrical zip, which will embrace your body and will offer you a unique sleeping experience. ZIPit constitutes the most hygienic product, since at any time you can remove and clean it. As a result, the mattress can intensively retain its freshness. Thanks to its...

Hotel Edition

Imperial Strom has notched an experience of 45 years in the field of mattress construction by offering numerous options for an excellent hospitality and luxuriation. Both our individual clients and hotel assemblies all over Greece trust us for every sleeping product, varying from mattresses and mattress toppers to hypo-allergic bed pillows. Retrofit suggestions for better sleeping pledge to provide your clients with an unforgettable accommodation followed by all comforts and luxuries needed. Search for the one that fits you best into our...

Sweet dreams Small Catalogue

At Imperial Strom® we are constantly vigilant to create sophisticated sleeping products in keeping with modern needs, which will be the first choice for consumers. We invest in the most innovative technologies, we chose We invest in the most innovative technologies, we chose innovative materials, we are constantly being informed about global trends and we apply in practice the results of valid international medical investigations. This fact, along with the perfectly balanced quality-price ratio which characterizes our products, have...


Imperial Strom constructs its mattresses always by reference to innovative and automatized construction methods. The new technology Infinity is being introduced for the first time in Greece by Imperial, whose aim is to ensure the absolute sleep experience. The cutting-edge technology is based upon contemporary robotics, whereas the inner part of the mattresses is constructed with absolute accuracy and by means, so that the preferred hardness will be ensured. Selected eco-friendly materials constitute the basic raw materials, which are fully...

Sweet Dreams Catalogue

In a world where life quality and relaxing sleeping is our own responsibility. Wander through the pages of this catalogue while we reveal our secrets and feature our products to you. Stay updated for the contemporary technologies applied in the products by Imperial Strom and get to know how you can improve your sleeping quality through completed suggestions for sleeping, which combine innovative materials, high technology and tradition. Can a mattress company offer you more? Figure it right now!

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