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From Corfu with love

Imperial Strom® is a 100% Greek family business. It was founded in 1972 as a cottage industry in Corfu by Philippos Avlonitis. Manufacturer and himself with true passion for the mattress, he started with just two people to realize his dream. Within 2 years only, the first appendix was opened, the staff rose and the company transferred to twice as many installations. Since 1980, Corfiot Stromatopiria, as it is known, has been moved to privately-owned spaces, which have gradually grown and are now a state-of-the-art vertical unit.


Forty years after, thousands of layers have entered in the days and especially on the nights of Greeks and abroad, giving them a restful sleep.


Despite the difficulties of the era, Imperial Strom®, responding to customer confidence, continues to invest in new technologies, in collaboration with external scientific partners and research organizations. At the same time, it dynamically extends its network with new points of sale all over Greece to be always beside you.


Today, with the vision of the founder and the passion of the second generation, Imperial Strom® continues to offer innovative products and services, oriented to the modern requirements for healthy and quality sleep without compromise.

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