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Imperial Strom proposes the renewed and complete line for sleep products. By following bleeding-edge manufacturing methods, innovation characterizes our products whereas they meet the standards of modern needs. We are always available toserve our costumers’ demands, even the strictest ones. However, we will not stop here.


We respect our costumers’ preferences and thus we offer numerous possibilities which are consistent with your needs. We produce mattresses regarding new technologies as well as your private demands. Therefore, we are committed to offer rest and sleep without compromises. We can achieve the ideal hardness or even different hardness levels in every corner of your mattress. This possibility occurs thanks to the new technology 2Face by Imperial Strom.


Whatever you ask, we pledge to offer!

We are at your disposal and adapt to your desires. For this reason, the possibility of choosing the internal materials of your mattress is also provided aiming at your own benefits. Our products are manufactured after a special processing in order to be ideal for your body. We keep all the secrets for a unique mattress. Your choices are multiple and our materials include horse hair, camel hair, seaweeds, coconut fibres, Kashmir and linen. Nevertheless, whatever you choose guarantees a sense of revivification every day! Of course, we always take care of those who follow a special treatment. We propose solutions by reference to medical advice and personal preferences. We also want to contribute to special treatment cases for the purpose of satisfying even the most demanding customers.


Did former choices let you down? Do you believe that you have tried everything? A visit to our store will convince you for an opposite opinion. There are many solutions and we are here to realize them. We would be pleased to discuss thoroughly with you and suggest the best solutions. You propose, we design, together we make the ideal sleep possible!


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