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In Imperial Strom®, we are constantly motivated to meet the increasing needs of our customers. For this reason, our company produces a range of improved sleep products, which meet quality standards of modern needs. Our products pledge to offer a restful sleep, whereas there is no doubt that they consist consumers’ first choice.


We invest in revolutionary technologies and we choose innovatory materials, which contribute to our products’ quality and authentic design. The technological pre-eminence is complemented by a continuous updating about the global trends. Inter alia, we take into consideration the results of authoritative international medical surveys, and, consequently, we implement them for future development.


Imperial Strom® has been recognized as one of the top companies in the field of mattress manufacturer thanks to its advanced technologies. However, the balanced relation between the quality and the price, which is applied to all our products, played the most important role to this distinction.


Innovation accompanied by Green Conscience

The logotype of Imperial Strom® symbolizes company’s environmental awareness, whereas calls upon equally producers and consumers to adopt a green conscience. The adaptation of these friendly practices towards the environment by our company has been accomplished through the usage of recyclable materials. Our priority is to establish a harmonious connection between the human and the nature followed by nature’s positive utilization. Thus, we aim at constructing eco-friendly products.


Imperial Strom® factory meets the most hygienic standards regarding the environment. It has no smokestacks, whereas during the production process there are no waste materials, which are harmful to the environment.


Having paid attention to our materials, we choose them to fulfill our purposes ˙we optimise them and minimise the waste materials. By this way, the mattress manufacturer becomes more efficient and serves consumers’ needs more than ever. Parallel to this, it shows respect for nature and the environment. Therefore, it is all about a production which contributes to sustainable development.


Tangible proofs of Quality & Offering

In Imperial Strom®, quality and customer care result from the forcefulness and the cooperation between company’s members. In addition, human rights and Corporate Social Responsibility are not just empty meanings. On the contrary, our company respects and promotes the human being and its needs. Our primary concern after all is to persuade our client to always hunting for its well-being.


We manufacture our products in Greece, in particular in our modern factory in Corfu. It is to be mentioned that our factory has been qualified by ISO. Nevertheless, it is our customers who give us the supreme qualification, when they feel safe and sure at any time.


Social Impact

We are committed to provide high leveled products and to contribute to the creation of a competitive environment, where our country’s modernization can be achieved. At the same time, we truly believe that the future is in our hands and we can improve it by acting as responsible citizens. From its beginning, Imperial Strom® has consolidated a deep relation with the local society by supporting the work of charitable bodies, sports teams, cultural events and other important initiatives.

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