Low profile

The secret to a healthy night’s sleep

We at Imperial Strom always provide you with everything you need. Thin mattress protectors are available, so you can protect your mattresses in any case. With guaranteed top quality and maximum hygiene protection, the Low Profile mattress protector will change your idea of a good sleep.

A mattress protector that has it all

The Low Profile mattress protector is made using a special natural latex, or in other words processed natural rubber.  Latex helps the mattress protector breathe and even has antibacterial properties. It adds flexibility and durability, reassuring the high quality of the mattress protector. This innovative material ensures you warm winters and cool summers thanks to its capacity for thermoregulation.

Something so useful yet so comfortable

The Low Profile mattress protector has 4 elastic corner straps that apply to the mattress and creates greater stability. It is certain that its soft material will provide you with the perfect support and better rest. Choose Low Profile mattress protector for even sweeter nights and better mattress protection.


We can achieve the ideal hardness or even different degrees of hardness on each side of your mattress. Whatever you ask, you automatically have it! You propose, we design, together implement the ideal sleep proposal!


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At Imperial Strom® we are constantly vigilant to create sophisticated sleeping products in keeping with modern needs, which will be the first choice for consumers. We invest in the most innovative technologies, we chose

We invest in the most innovative technologies, we chose innovative materials, we are constantly being informed about global trends and we apply in practice the results of valid international medical investigations.

This fact, along with the perfectly balanced quality-price ratio which characterizes our products, have established Imperial Strom® as one of the leading companies in the straightening industry.