Shield your mattress and sleep tight

Looking for the right mattress protector with ideal protection and comfort? Ergolatex mattress protector is a guaranteed solution.  This thick mattress protector is soft and convenient while covering and properly keeping your mattress safe.  Its 3D ventilation system ensures continuous air flow, so the mattress protector never loses volume and durability. It has the capacity thermoregulation, meaning it always maintains the ideal for you temperature regardless of the season.  With the Ergolatex mattress protector, you can sleep peacefully and comfortably without worrying about your mattress.

Support and Health in Your Sleep

The Ergolatex mattress protector is made using porous foam material, ideal for better sleep support.  It is made of a special processed Aloe Vera fabric, beneficial for the skin and with antibacterial action, that will soothe you as well as your mattress. Its main material is Ergolatex, a pioneering material that is renowned for its high durability and outstanding elasticity. The Ergolatex mattress protector is extremely convenient and durable and responds to your own needs.

Find the quality you deserve

The Ergolatex mattress protector is easy to apply to the mattress and will definitely become part of your relaxation. For your better service, the mattress protector is available in different sizes to choose from. You will find it at affordable prices and with top quality.



We can achieve the ideal hardness or even different degrees of hardness on each side of your mattress. Whatever you ask, you automatically have it! You propose, we design, together implement the ideal sleep proposal!


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At Imperial Strom® we are constantly vigilant to create sophisticated sleeping products in keeping with modern needs, which will be the first choice for consumers. We invest in the most innovative technologies, we chose

We invest in the most innovative technologies, we chose innovative materials, we are constantly being informed about global trends and we apply in practice the results of valid international medical investigations.

This fact, along with the perfectly balanced quality-price ratio which characterizes our products, have established Imperial Strom® as one of the leading companies in the straightening industry.