The new line of ZIPit mattresses comes to confute everything you knew until now about them while providing you with safety during your choice of your dream mattress. With the new ZIPit technology, forget the traditional, removable protectors and select the mattress with the smart perimetrical zip, which will embrace your body and will offer you a unique sleeping experience. ZIPit constitutes the most hygienic product, since at any time you can remove and clean it. As a result, the mattress can intensively retain its freshness. Thanks to its special composition, the mattress keeps breathing while it dries fast and endures body pressure. Of course, the great advantage lies upon its feature of keeping away humidity and body temperature. Thus, ZIPit meets up all the hygienic standards. Imperial Strom gives you the opportunity of constructing your own mattress with multiple potential combinations. For this reason, take a look at our new catalogue and create the mattress which will fulfill more than anything else your own needs and preferences.

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