Exotic pleasure and Revitalization.

  • Ergolatex perimeter reinforcement
  • Micropocket springs with 7 hardness zones
  • Ιtaly sterile filter
  • 2 Face, with different hardness each side (optionally)
  • 2 seasons (Wool, cotton, antibacterial, hypoallergenic)
  • 3D perimeter ventilation system
  • Memory Foam (NASA type)
  • Natural Air System for the air recycle
  • Physiomassage for better comfort
  • Elastar Fabric or cotton sanitized
  • Lavish padded with innovative seam system
  • Lining for protection from humidity

Further support now with the exotic mattress

A new mattress, which combines stability and comfort, is the Exotic. The technology of micro-pocket springs with 7 different hardness zones transfuses further sustainment and benefits to your body’s anatomy. For a bigger elasticity, the sterile filter from Italy is located in the independent springs and functions as an insulating material. Its Ergolatex perimeter reinforcement offers stability during sleeping.

Try it out and it will not disappoint you

Besides the advantage of the support, a new property considering the perfect comfort has been added to the Exotic mattress. It is a 2Face mattress, which is made of natural materials of wool and cotton. The materials are completely antimicrobial and antiallergic and ensure the safety of a hygienic product. Memory foam (NASA type) contributes to further comforting, while the new technology of Physiomassage guarantees a cozy, fully anatomic sleeping. The mattress “is breathing” thank the innovative technologies of the 3D perimeter ventilation system and the Natural Air System, with which air can be easily recycled. It is sure, that it will not let you down!

First choice fabrics

In every product case, innovative technologies are implemented. Therefore, an innovative seaming system with lavish quilting is being used for the manufacture of the Exotic mattress. The choice considering the fabrics is made by you, while you are called upon choosing between Elastar fabric and sanitized cotton. The special lining constitutes also an important feature since it protects the human body from humidity.


We can achieve the ideal hardness or even different degrees of hardness on each side of your mattress. Whatever you ask, you automatically have it! You propose, we design, together implement the ideal sleep proposal!


Cut out for you!

Dimensions of a mattress should be calculated with a stable measure, which is in good shape. The usage of measuring tape or other instruments is not approved because it leads to deviations.

If your mattress enters your bed, then you can measure internally the length and the width of its middle (like a cross). It is customary to leave 1.2 in. of width and length outside. However, we always respect customer’s preference. At the end, you are the one choosing!

If your mattress touches the base (i.e. like the wooden bases by Imperial Strom), then the mattress’ dimensions should be equal to base’s dimensions.

It is highly important to give us corrects measurements, because a mattress, which is constructed with incorrect dimensions, cannot be easily fixed, plus it costs money.

Constructing mattresses tailored to your needs!

/ Every person is unique, so it is his mattress! /…

Our philosophy lies in the fact that every mattress should be constructed for the person to whom is destined. We are not the same people; therefore, why should we have the same mattress? Based upon this individualized approach, we create every mattress with the potential of choosing different hardness!
First of all, we should know every sensitivity you may face on your back or your nape as well as any recommendation from your doctor. In our Imperial Strom store, we discuss every detail, so that we can end up to the correct mattress hardness.

Furthermore, body-type constitutes an important factor in choosing the ideal hardness level. Depending on a person’s weight, the mattress can be made, so that it can offer greater support.

Indicative hardness table:

Up to 75 kilos:Soft or average
80-90 kilos:Regular
90-110 kilos:Reinforced
110 kilos:Extra reinforced

All the above constitute recommendations based upon conducted surveys. However, the consumer is the one, who always knows what makes his/her sleep better and at the end, he/she is the final judge.

Frequent turn

The mattress should be revolved in 2 ways: feet up to head, the upper side going down and vice versa. At the beginning, a revolve every 10 days is recommended, so that the mattress can be shaped into the body form. Later, revolve should be done every 6 months.

*It depends on the mattress type.

It should step on a base with thick planks (max. 0.7 to 1.1 in.). *It depends on the mattress type. Prefer the qualitative padded wooden base by Imperial Strom, where the mattress will step on an undivided background.

Certain bases contribute to a softer sleeping result. Ask us! Your mattress should be frequently out in the sun.
Usage of a protective cover is necessary.

See protective covers by Imperial Strom here.

It is prohibited to get wet.
Your mattress should stay away from any humidity factor.
It is prohibited to be folded.
Contact with an iron is prohibited.
Correct handling and usage.
Your mattress has been produced for horizontal usage and is not destined for playing. Jumping over it is not prohibited. Its sensible usage is recommended.

Flexible/Soft materials are placed so that they will become softer and acquire mattress form. This is intended and expected. This phenomenon is being intensified as the time goes by. At no case, it does not imply product’s dysfunction. If the consumer does not wish for this result, he/she should choose a harder mattress or a mattress without those flexible materials.

Mattress’ measurements are likely to appear deviation of 0.7 in. due to the flexible and ductile nature of materials.
Remember! As much as we care for our mattress, just as much it will endure and service us.

Sweet Dreams Catalogue

In a world where life quality and relaxing sleeping is our own responsibility. Wander through the pages of this catalogue while we reveal our secrets and feature our products to you. Stay updated for the contemporary technologies applied in the products by Imperial Strom and get to know how you can improve your sleeping quality through completed suggestions for sleeping, which combine innovative materials, high technology and tradition. Can a mattress company offer you more? Figure it right now!